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เซนเซอร์สำหรับระบบดักฝุ่น reliable way to sense dirty filter bags


In a plant dust collection system, reliable sensing and control is necessary for plant safety and for environmental concerns. The model BPS-400 sensor provides a non-clogging, reliable way to sense dirty filter bags. The BPS-402 controller displays the differential pressure, alarms on high differential pressure and initiates the cleaning/back-wash system.

In the above diagram, the sensor is mounted on the dust collector wall. The linear output of the sensor is read by the controller. The sensor signal is connected to the control panel through intrinsically-safe barriers. The NEMA 4 controller has 2 relay contact outputs used to: 1) Activate a remote alarm device on a High dP condition, telling the operator to check the system for clogged filter bags; and 2) Initiate the cleaning/backwash cycle of the system. The controller provides indicator lights to show alarm status and to show that the cleaning cycle has been initiated. The controller also provides a 4-20mA analog ouput for recording or additional monitoring by the plant PLC or DCS.

The BPS-400 sensor can be mounted on the side of the dust collector, or directly on the tube sheet if a space is available. The BPS-400 design features a food-grade silicone diaphragm on the "dirty" side and teflon impregnated fabric on the "clean" side.

The unit has a range of 0-14 inches W.C. with a very fast response time. The strain-gauge technology means accurate readings and no ports to clog.


•Eliminates downtime due to dust-clogged pressure sensors.
•Provides early warning of filter clogging so that maintenance can be performed during scheduled downtime without lost production.
•Provides "On-Demand" control of cleaning. Avoids excessive wear on expensive filter bags due to unnessessary cleaning initiated by simple timer systems.

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