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DSC Sample Pan & Covers

TGA Pt Pan / Pt CruciblesDSC Sample Pan & Covers / TGA Pt Pan / Pt Crucibles

Your consumables on DSC/TGA sample pans & covers of Thermal analyzers is now available at surprisingly less expensive through Tasatec.
High purity Aluminum and Platinum based products manufactured to serve DSC(Differential Scanning Calorimeter) / TGA(Thermogravimetric Analyzer) ofTA Instrument(TAI)and.. Perkin Elmer(PE)

we can also serve Sample treatment for AA/ICP

If your DSC Sample pan is used with same reference pan with same empty volume, weight and material composition, good result regardless of instrument types and makers.Using no crimping, only lay down the cover on the top of pan and push and bending into the pan edges .

TGA Pan and Pt crucibles are

  • useful range up to 1500℃
  • having high melting point
  • low oxidative properties
  • non volatility
  • chemical resistance
  • low corrosive properties  

All of sample pans are made ready and we can tailor this to special specification demand with MOQ of 1000set/pk, TGA for 3~10ea/pk, pt crucibles for 1~3ea/pk

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