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Humidity Test Chamber


Product Detail

Humidity Test Chamber - ตู้ควบคุมอุณหภูมิและความชื้น

  • Program Control
         Each part and product credibility requires change experiment of various temperature and humidity.
         Basically, there are 30 patterns with300 segment s program setting functions, thus various experiment
         environments can be created, and can save test conditions up to 30 groups.
  • Touch Screen control
         Color LCD touch screen method and communi-cational Screen composition and control method enable
          easiness in usage. As it has 30 patterns with massive setting function of 300 segments, it can set any type
          of experiment condition, and various information of operation status is displayed on the screen.
  • Computer Control
         Can operate through the interface(RS-485) of PC and the tool, and using separately developed program,
         can be operated easily and conveniently. With effective test data management through saved operation
         information and operation status, no separate recorder is not needed.
  • Tester Range
         Basically, it is operating -40℃ ~ 150℃, thus can compose various examination environment. Detailed
         control is possible and rapid temperature change experiment can be done.
         Equipment which operates -70°C ~ 150°C can be provided.

Dimensions (In)
500W x 500D x 600Hmm
700W x 700D x 700Hmm
1000W x 1000D x 1000Hmm
Dimensions (Out)
1100W x 1050D x 1700Hmm
1240W x 1100D x 1740Hmm
1550W x 1500D x 1950Hmm
150 Liter
343 Liter
1000 Liter
Temp. Control
Program PID Controller 30 Pattern 300 Segment
Temp. Range
-20℃ ~ 150℃ (Adjustable)
Temp. Accuracy
±1.0℃ at 20 ℃
Humid Control
Program PID Controller 30 Pattern 300Segment
Humid. Accessory
±3% at 80%
Heat Up Time
-40℃ ~ 100℃ Within 40min
Pull Down Time
20℃ ~ -40℃ Within 60min
200/380/VAC, 50/60Hz



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