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Mullen Bursting Tester


Product Detail

Mullen Type Bursting Tester - เครื่องวัดความทนทานต่อแรงกดในแนวดิ่งของวัสดุประเภทผ้า ผ้าใยสังเคราะห์ ยางหรือหนัง

  • With the vertical force, this equipment is used for measuring the bursting strength of textiles impossible to check the degree of stress from one direction or that of cloth under multi-director.
  • It can be applied : all kinds of textile, rubber and leather.
  • Easy to measure the values with a digital system.
  • It is designed based on. ASTM D3781, JIS P 8112, JIS P 8131, ISO 13938.

WL710D WL710DA
3 ~ 50kg / ㎠
450W x 550D x 500H mm 450W x 700D x 500H mm
Net Weight
Approx. 50kg Approx. 90kg
Measure method
Manual Clamping Auto Clamping (Hydraulic Type)
220 VAC, 50/60Hz



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