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Benchtop Color Vision System


Product Detail

Better Measurements, More Measurements

Accurate and reliable quality assurance (QA) measurements are critical to any manufacturing operation, and are the key to ensuring product quality, specification compliance and process optimization. Sightline inspection systems are designed to provide these critical measurements faster and with better repeatability than manual measurements, while providing the ability to measure and quantify product attributes that are difficult or impossible to calculate manually.

Complete Versatility

The Sightline Benchtop Systems are the most versatile of any inspection system: they provide the ability to measure any product, in any orientation, and immediately generate, display and store all of the desired product attributes. In addition, these systems can connect directly to a variety of external devices such as weigh scales, in order to automatically integrate this data into the system.

Simpler and Faster

The Benchtop’s ease-of-use also eliminates the need for complicated measurement procedures, and dramatically reduces the workload and skill required to generate QA data. Scheduled QA checks can now be completed in a fraction of the time normally required, with all of the data automatically recorded and stored on your network.


Size: 38.5" L x 36" H x 18"/21"/35.5" W (978 mm L x 915 mm H x 457/534/902 mm W)

Object Analysis
Throughput: Up to 10 objects/sec
Max Size: 36" L, 5.5" H, 8"/11"/17" W (915 mm L, 140 mm H, 203/280/432 mm W)
Min Size: ⁄" (3.2 mm)

Temp.: 40 deg F to 104 deg F (4 deg C to 40 deg C)
Humidity: 5%-95%, non-condensing
Power Requirements
Voltage: 120VAC/60Hz (220VAC/50Hz, single phase oponal)
Current: 10A at 120VAC (5A at 220VAC)

System Measurements
■ Heights: Peak, Mean, Center, Edge
■ Diameters: Min, Max, Mean
■ Slopes: Mean, End-to-End, Side-to-Side
■ Shape: Length, Width, Roundness
■ Color: Average, Topping, Top Surface w/o Topping
■ Surface Features: Number of Splits, Split Width, Topping Coverage
■ Others: Surface Area, Volume
■ External Devices (oponal): Weights, Temperatures

■ Fast; performs all size, shape and color measurements at speeds of up to 10 objects/sec
■ Compact; 18” wide and 36” tall allows for installaon on most desktops
■ Rugged design that can live on the factory floor
■ Aordable; rapid Return on Investment
■ Flexible soware design allows for unlimited product types
■ Automac data display and storage of all results



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