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MM400 AL2O3 Moisture Analyzer เครื่องวัด Dew Point

Advanced technologies in process gas measurement for a maintenance-free moisture analyzer.
The MM400 moisture / dew point hygrometers are designed to be customised to your application giving precise measurements while providing a simple, yet affordable moisture analyzer. Incorporating our high quality aluminium oxide moisture sensor which provides accurate, dependable results over a wide range from -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to 68°F) dew point. The aluminium oxide sensor is maintenance-free and is the popular choice for the most demanding applications.


Specs Description
Industry Process
Gas Moisture
Application Industrial Gas, Intrinsically Safe
Measurement Range Autoranging from -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to 68°F) and equivalent in ppm(v) moisture
Technology Aluminium oxide
Accuracy ±1°C from -60°C to +20°C. ±2°C from -100°C to -60°C
Respond Time Wet gas to dry gas: -20°C to -60°C, less than 60 seconds. Dry gas to wet gas: -100°C to -20°C, less than 60 seconds
Unacceptable gases Corrosive gases, Mercury, Ammonia, Chlorine, HCI, Ozone
19 inch mounting option Can be combined with our oxygen and carbon dioxide Analyzers in a 19 inch mount configuration to create a dual gas Analyzer


  • Industrial specialty gases
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Heat treating furnaces
  • Compressed air
  • Inert atmosphere blanketing
  • Air dryers
  • Natural gas
  • Metallurgy

  • Autoranging from -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to 68°F) dew point
  • RS232/485 outputs
  • °C, °F, and ppmv units
  • Calibration traceable to NIST
  • Remote sensors available
  • Fast response and recovery from saturation
  • Fault alarm
  • Intrinsically safe option



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