Food Pouches Seal Strength

Food Pouches Seal Strength
Seal Strength Testing of Food Pouches

Post-process seal strength testing of sealed food pouches.
Problem: The customer produces a wide variety of food products, many of which are packaged into flexible PVC or PET pouches. The pouches are of various configurations, sizes and closures such as peelable or resealable.

The need was for a quick, highly accurate seal strength test system that would accommodate this variety of primary packaging for use in audit tests.

Image shows TME BT Integra-Pack with restraining plate fixture.

Resolution: TME provided the customer with a system consisting of the TME BT-1000 Automated Package Tester, the patented Package-Port™ leak tight package entry system, and a restraining plate fixture. (Note: The BT-1000 has been replaced by the new TME BT Integra-Pack)

This system optimizes seal strength results by performing inflation pressure decay tests that reveal any weak areas of the package seal as well as the order in which the seals will open.

Test data are maintained in the Datalog of the BT-1000 instrument. Statistical data analysis capability includes mean and standard deviation calculation as well as control chart development, which permit fast and accurate audit testing for lot disposition.