Radiator Tubes Leak Test

Radiator Tubes Leak Test
Test radiator tubes for leaks

Test radiator tubes for leaks at 370 units per hour.

If you manufactures radiator tubes and needed quantity leak test system. The test required an 80-psig test pressure and a very fast cycle time in order to keep up with automated production of 370 units per hour.

The TME Solution™ with four port concurrent leak testing and Memory Reference Curve technology was interfaced with an enclosed fixture that would hold four tubes. The Memory Reference Curve is a technology that allows the operator to store the decay curve of an acceptable unit in the instrument’s memory.

The TME Solution then tests four tubes concurrently, compares their decay curve with the reference in its memory and identifies any parts that are leaking with an audible and visual failure indicator.

Testing at 80 psig normally requires an extended stabilization time, but using the Memory Reference Curve all but eliminates this time, making possible a five second cycle time. This cut the customer’s overall test time in half.

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