Radical Sealing Fixture

Radical Sealing Fixture

The RS-01 TME Radial Sealing Fixture contains a pneumatically operated clamp that provides either a sealed leak tight access to a tubular product or a sealed leak tight dead end to the product during pressure decay leak testing.

Radial Sealing Fixtures can be configured to diameters from approximately 0.022 to 6.000 inches.

An Application for Radial Seal Clamps in Custom Sealing Fixtures:

TME specializes in custom designed fixturing to accommodate the specific needs of our customers. This customer needed to perform leak and occlusion tests on catheters with an open distal tip and proximal side ports. This Radial Sealing Fixture is a pneumatically actuated fixture comprised of pneumatic seal clamps that function together to close around the outside diameter of the catheter and seal all leak paths from the catheter distal tip and proximal side ports during pressure decay leak and backpressure occlusion testing.

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