ABM Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter เครื่องวัดระดับของเหลว

ABM Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Features•Simple push-button calibration
•Ignores peripheral obstructions
•4-20mA or 20-4mA output
•Microprocessor-based reliability
•Built-in temperature compensation
•Current loop diagnostics
•Field or bench calibrationApplications•Water/Wastewater
•Viscous Fluids
•Food and BeverageThe Babbitt ABM Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter allows simple and reliable non-contact level measurement of fluids in a tank, sump or other container. 
The microprocessor-controlled circuit generates a pulse that is transmitted from the transducer face. 
This pulse is reflected back from the surface of the liquid. The “round trip” transit time is then converted into the current output, which is directly proportional to the fluid level. 
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