SEAMscan SPC System

SEAMscan SPC System

Double Seam Inspection: Seam Thickness, Seam Height, Countersink Depth, Seam Gap, Body Hook, Cover Hook, Overlap

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The SEAMscan SPC System is an affordable, high-resolution tool for double seam inspection and measurement with SPC Reporting.

The SEAMscan Package includes:
Video Seam Imager – VSI Models for Food, Beverage, Aerosol, General Line or Oil Filters
Clearly illuminates & captures images of seams
High-resolution USB camera & precision optics
Rugged and reliable
Integrated Multiplexer for connecting up to 6 additional gauges

SEAMview™ Inspection Software
Capture, measure & save seam images in < 1 second!
Customize inspection screens
Zoom Function
Compare to specifications with colored alerts
E-mail image files or use in a report document

Visionary QC™ SPC Software
Easy-to-use Statistical Process Control for quick analysis of can inspection data
Flexible, Secure Database
Intuitive Inspection Reports may be shared and exported
Track trends and statistics with SPC Graphs

Accessories available to provide complete double seam measurement: Manual Seam Thickness Gauge, Manual Countersink Depth Gauge, Seam Stripper, Automatic Seam Saw

Maximum size:  Video Seam Imagers available for Food Cans, Beverage Cans, Aerosol Cans of any height and diameter

Measurement units:  In, mm

Output:  USB 3.0

Electrical power required:  100-240VAC 50-60Hz

Languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese

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SEAMscan SPC System