Pharmaceutical bottles containing solid product Leak Test

Leak testing of Pharmaceutical bottles containing solid product

Non-destructive pressure decay leak testing of induction-sealed pharmaceutical bottles
A pharmaceutical company needed a way to non-destructively test sealed pharmaceutical bottles of varying sizes that contain a solid product.

The TME Solution Chamber Leak Test System is designed to detect air leakage when a differential pressure is created on the bottle under test inside a closed chamber.

The test fixture is composed of a fixed base with interchangeable inserts that test a variety of bottle sizes within a chamber that uses pressure to create a differential pressure on the bottle and detect leakage from the test chamber to the bottle. If air from the chamber enters the bottle a drop in chamber pressure indicates the leakage. The Solution instrument detects this leakage of air (“pressure decay”), thus indicating a leak.

This test fixture is designed with automatic chamber closure and two-hand anti-tie-down safety start and release buttons.

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