Vacuum Packed Coffee Pouches Leak Test

Vacuum Packed Coffee Pouches Leak Test
Non-destructive leak test of vacuum packed coffee pouches.

Problem: The customer’s product consisted of ground coffee vacuum packed and sealed into small foil packages. Because of this packaging process, there was no “head space” (air or gas space inside the package) to facilitate vacuum decay testing, so a pressure decay chamber test was designed.

Resolution: The TME Solution Chamber Leak Test System is comprised of a pressure decay chamber fixture with a TME Solution single port pressure decay leak test instrument.

Image shows the TME Solution with the test fixture for testing coffee pouches.

This TME Solution chamber leak test system is designed to detect air leakage when a differential pressure is created on the part under test inside the closed chamber. If pressurized air from the chamber is forced into the vacuum-packed product, a drop in test chamber pressure indicates the leakage.

The TME Solution leak tester detects this leakage of air (“pressure decay”), thus indicating a leak. The test fixture is designed with manual toggle clamps as a safety feature.