Example Applications with Default Filter Set

WavelengthWaste waterWater*Sea waterSoil/plants/fertilizersFood Extracts
340 nm Formic Acid, Urea Urea  UreaAl, Ammonia, Boron, SulfatesAcetic Acid, D-Lactic Acid, L-Lactic Acid, Glucose
420 nmAmmoniaAI, Ammonia, Boron, Color, formaldehyde, Sulfates  Boron, Ammonia*, SulfateManganese, MolybdenumAmmonia
480 nm Chloride, Manganese, Molybdenum  Manganese, MolybdenumChloride, Phenol IndexTotal SO2
520 nm Free Chloride, Hardness, Phenol IndexPhenol IndexChromium VI, Copper, Nitrite,TON, TON – Cd, TON-Vanadium,Total Iron, UreaChloride, Sulfate
543/546/550 nmTON – Cd, Nitrite, TON, Nitrate (NO3), HydrazineAlkalinity, Chromium VI, Copper, Iron, Nitrite, TON, TON – Cd, TON-Vanadium, Total Iron  Chromium VI, Copper, Nitrite, TON, TON – Cd, TON-Vanadium, Total Iron  Calcium, ZincNitrite, Nitrate
630 nmFluorideAldehyde, Calcium, ZincCalciumAmmonia, CEC, Organic Material (C/N), Silicates, TKN 
660 nm Ammonia, CEC, Organic Material, Silicates, TKNAmmonia, Silicates, Sulfide, TKNPhosphorus 
880 nmPhosphate, Total PhosphorusPhosphate, Total PhosphorusPhosphateSoil/plants/fertilizersPhosphorus

ㆍFor more methods information, contact KPM product specialists.
ㆍNew methods can be developed with other filter sets.
ㆍWater matrix includes drinking water, environmental water, process water.
ㆍRanges are specific to matrix, contact KPM for details.
ㆍAmmonia for sea water is limited. For <50 ppb a continuous flow analyzer is recommended.