High Resolution Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters เครื่องวัดระดับของเหลว

High Resolution Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
The Babbitt LTM series Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter is an accurate, stand-alone, loop-powered device, usually mounted in the top of a tank or other container. 
It may also be used as a level transmitter when mounted externally on a Babbitt Magnetic Level Gauge. 
The unit is suitable for liquid applications that require high accuracy and repeatability. 
The unit may be ordered in several configurations that will give outputs of simple level, level and temperature, or two levels as in an interface application. 
The Primary 4-20ma output is used for Level and optional HART protocol communications. 
The Secondary 4-20mA output may be used for Level or optional Temperature
The unit may be calibrated on the bench or in the tank where it will be used. Simply locate the float where you want the “Zero”, press a button, then move the float to the “Span” position and press another button.
 It”s that fast and simple! 
The memory is non-volatile, so the unit stays calibrated even during loss of power